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Left Side Sun has combined various influences from Rock and Alternative to Grunge with a Blues flavor. The band's idea has always been to go where the writing takes them and to let the chips fall where they may.

Currently, the band is playing shows locally and has released several demo tracks to showcase their unique vision of music.



The group began simply with Peter Birkner and Nate Weeks playing some heavily modified cover tunes and several original songs that Weeks had written previously.

Birkner being both a touring and studio drummer was looking to create an all original band that would combine many elements of the rock genre. After the first several sessions it became obvious that a musical chemistry was being created and Left Side Sun was born.


With the sound taking shape, the band needed a third member to pull together the rudimentary pieces and bring the low end so much lacking in the beginning.

Enter Jason Lee Cook who as an experienced touring and studio musician, brings so much melodic expression to the rhythm and cements ogether the signature sound.



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